Location with Google Maps

05.04.2012, Delphi, GPS, Products, SQLite, Tetra, Windows, Zeos, by .

It is free ware application for showing Online GPS Watching with Google Maps. It is using SQLite for storing datas. It is developed with Delphi. It is using Jedi and Zeos lib components. We did not use any component for Google Maps support in application.

Application can be integrate with “Tetra SDS Location Messaging Server” but now working independent. It is included some sample datas. I upload a video to youtube for explanation.

Capabilities :

  • Can see selected users same time on map
  • Refresh last positions on map selectable time
  • No extra component necessary for Google Maps
  • Can draw last routes on map between selected date
  • Map zoom level
  • Google key can be change from configuration file
  • Fast and useful screen
  • Ready to programming for geofencing.

Download : GoogleMapsWatcher