Lazarus Binaries for Haiku OS

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Lazarus and Free Pascal Qt4 Binding Binaries for Haiku OS

I will try to explain my Lazarus compiling experiencing on Haiku OS. It is 32 bit Haiku OS release alpha 4 on thinkpad x100e.

I used this wiki page for compiling. Please read here firstly

My Installation Steps and Compiled Binaries/Libraries at your service:

  1. Installed Qt libraries from web site. Direct link here : Qt 4.7.3 for Haiku r1a3 [14 Jun 2011] (development)
  2. Download and compile Free Pascal Qt4 Binding  from here BUT also you can use my compiled library package from here 🙂 After unzip file just make install must be enough for installation.
  3. Download freepascal from Sourceforge direct link is here (I used 2.6.2 latest version) unzip file and run file on terminal. But I lived problem with this script. I changed this script first line like that  #!/bin/env bash 
  4. Download lazarus source codes from lazarus website or download binaries from here. I used release 1.0.8 for compiling. It is little bit big 180mb. Just open and double click startlazarus enjoy 🙂

Here is the latest situation. I hope one day we can use lazarus with haiku api.