Tetra SDS Location Position Server

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It is a Tetra SDS messaging server also supported Location information. Server accepting SDS Location and normal message types and storing to directly to database. You can use any Google map viewer or can develop yourself with database. Application developed with Delphi 2010 with Tetra DAMM API and It is free ware. It is using SQLite embedded database for storing.

  • SQLite database ready to use
  • MySQL and MSSQL support please contact us
  • Easy installation
  • Tetra SDS Radio locations storing real time to database
  • User have to use DAMM dongle for activate
  • Normal message support
  • Zeos components using for database access
  • Clean and simple code

Installation :

  1. Please create a Tetra account and configure all handheld Tetra devices GPS open and send to created account
  2. Unzip file and edit Config.txt  file for Tetra base station access with created account information
  3. Run as administratorservice_install.bat file for service registration.
  4. All logs storing SDSServer.log.txt file. If you don’t want any log edit SDSConfig.ini file. Default value is LogActivated=True
  5. Open Windows Services Screen and find ‘SDS Messaging Server’ and right click Start
  6. If you live any problem you will see in file SDSServer.log.txt

Basically if you have any problem with Tetra station registration, network access or DAMM dongle,  Log file will looks like;

25.04.2012 16:22:41 : Thread create
25.04.2012 16:22:41 : Return value startup:-7
25.04.2012 16:22:41 : Tetra Flex can not start. Error number: -7
25.04.2012 16:22:41 : Thread destroy

Service installation will look like that;

Win32 binary : TetraMessagingServerDaemon