CoreNet ISP Management

04.24.2012, FreePascal, Lazarus, Mikrotik, MySQL, Products, Radius, Windows, by .

It is fully ISP management software. It is freeware windows application. Developed with Lazarus and Free pascal. It is using MySQL database and Zeos components. Unfortunately it is now Turkish but I will translate to English. Application designed for Mikrotik and DaloRadius.

Application Parts :

  • User management
  • Customer management
  •  Radius MySQL configuration
  • Easy Internet access management
  • Billing
  • Support Management
  • It developed on Linux and can work on Windows.


Installation :  Create a database and user with name corebil later import SQL file from DatabaseBackup folder. Edit corebil.conf file for database configuration. Run application login with username 1 and password

Source Codes : All source codes now at Github.